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This blog features insights into the people, policy and politics that make the nation’s capital tick. You’ll read the Washington office’s take on current events in the U.S. political sphere that impact the economy, SCOA’s business sectors and our relationships with American lawmakers.


June 21, 2024

Thought of the Week: My wife and I downsized a couple years ago. Like many parents, we became empty nesters once our kids went ...
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Grumpy Old Men on Social Security

June 14, 2024

Thought of the Week: Have you received your new Social Security Statement yet? I got mine. Among other things, it provides personalized monthly retirement ...
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SANCTIONS UPDATE: Israel Antiboycott Compliance Company-Wide Notice

US Antiboycott Law: What Businesspeople Should Know U.S. individuals and companies are absolutely prohibited by law (as well as SCOA company rules) from taking ...
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About SCOA’s Washington D.C. Office

SCOA has held a presence in the U.S. capital for over 40 years, serving as the
company’s link to policymakers and important legislation that can impact our diverse business portfolio. Today, the office serves two important functions: the first, a research arm that digs into the economic variables of policy and foreign relations. The other as a government liaison and lobbyist on behalf of SCOA. If you are seeking information or need assistance influencing outcomes pertinent to your area of business, SCOA’s D.C. office is an invaluable resource at your disposal.

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