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  • SC Group Compliance Policy
  • SCOA Addendum
  • SCL Code of Business Conduct
  • SCMX Code of Business Conduct
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    • David Nelson
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    • Kacy Wade
      • Cindy Dihn
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      • Andauleu
    • Hideki
    • Diana
    • Makiko
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If you’re not sure who to contact, please feel free to reach out to any lawyer assigned to your Group or Division.

Energy Business Kacy Wade Tubular Products Power Infrastructure Basic Chemicals Energy Kacy Wade Diana Rosales Kacy Wade Kacy Wade David Fish; Cindy Dinh, Makiko Hiromi, Toyoda Takeshi
Automotive Business Takeshi Toyoda Steel Products Automotive Electronics Takeshi Toyoda Takeshi Toyoda Takeshi Toyoda David Fish, Makiko Hiromi
Social Infrastructure Hideki Hayashi Raiway Products Social Infrasturcture Logistics Hideki Hayashi David Neslon David Fish, Dian Rosales
Food & Agriculture Diana Rosales Life Science Food & Lifestyle David Fish Diana Rosales Takeshi Toyoda, Lewis Farberman,Hidei Hayashi
Construction& Transportation System Hideki Hayashi Construction Equipment Aerospace & Defense Hideki Hayashi David Nelson David Fish, Yusuke Takahashi
Real Estate Makiko Toyoda Commercial Residential Makiko Hiromi Lewis Farberman Cindy Dinh, Kacy Wade
Mineral Resourecs Takeshi Toyoda N/A David Nelson Lewis Farberman, Makiko Hiromi
Energy Innovation Initiative David Fish Administraive Dept. Biomass Energy Biomass Material Hydrogen Energy Project Innovation Energy Service South Americas David Fish Cindy Dinh David Fish Cindy Dinh David Fish Diana Rosales Vanessa Lanfranchi Kacy Wade, Makiko Hiromi, Hideki Hayashi
Development & Innovation David Fish Business Development Digital Transformation Corporate Venture Media & Digital David Fish Diana Rosales David Fish David Fish Makiko Hiromi, Yusuke Takahashi

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